Trai'Shaun is dedicated to helping anyone shes services look and feel beautiful inside and out. She has been a licensed Cosmetologist for 10 and specializes in all phases of healthy hair care no matter how you choose to wear it. She got her license in 2009 and soon later she started her hair career in Cleveland, Ohio. There she learned how to master natural hair. persuing her passion for beauty and hair she continued to learn from weave and extension specialist from other states. Most recently she got certified to perform permanent makeup.

Trai'Shaun Beard, Beauty Expert and CEO

Cheyla Bradley, age 23, fell in love with makeup when she was 13 years old watching her mother apply makeup in the vanity mirror of their bathroom. Throughout her high school years, her love for makeup grew stronger with her interest in bold beautiful colors on gorgeous melanin skin. Once she graduated high school in 2013, Cheyla became a free-lance makeup artist and worked for numerous college events and pageants while she studied at Bowling Green State University. Once she returned to her hometown of Mansfield in 2017, she joined together with longtime friend and mentor Trai’Shaun Beard CEO, and became one of the Beauty Advisor for Akua Hair Clinic.

Cheyla Bradley, Beauty Advisor

LaTasha Butts, Professional Eyebrow Threader & MicroBlading/Shading Technician. She has been professionally trained by the Best teachers locally in Ohio and New York! LaTasha has been creating “Your Perfect Brows” since 2016 with Brow Be Beautiful Eyebrow Threading and Tinting. She has now joined forces with the Most Talented Trai'Shaun Beard at Akua Hair Clinic. Her Motto “Your Brows introduce you before you speak”

LaTasha’s passion is to enhance your Natural Beauty by turning a frown into a smile by looking at your before and after picture and my clients  say “I had those Brows?!!” It gives her gratification to know your BROWS are one less thing to worry about! 

Latasha Butts, Eyebrow Specialist

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